How to build quality family time during COVID-19

All over the world, physical distancing means that families are spending more time at home together to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This often means that the lines between home, work and school have become blurred.

For Fresenius Kidney Care nurses and clinical technicians who are parents, COVID-19 probably means that one parent is an essential worker on the frontline and another parent is working from home – where they may also be caring for children and supervising their schooling. If both parents are essential workers, or if you are a single parent working on the frontline, your extended family may be caring for your children while you are working.

Family time is definitely different during COVID-19 and each family situation will be unique with its own set of challenges and opportunities. No matter what your situation, there are ways your family can spend time together that will help make this period a positive experience where you are able to build deeper connections. When COVID-19 is behind us, you may just find that many of these ideas will become part of your new family life.

Create routine

We are all used to having routines at work and school. Routines are good for our wellbeing and help children and teenagers to feel safe because they know what to expect. COVID-19 has taken many of these usual routines away, and so it can help to create new ones. These ideas can help:

Stay in touch

When we are physically distancing, it’s important for your own and your children’s wellbeing to find new ways of staying in touch with friends and extended family.

Here are some ideas you might like to try:

Play together

Playing is fun and educational. There are lots of free and low-cost ideas you can try:

Cook together

With restaurants and cafes closed in many countries, we are all doing more cooking by necessity – and this can also be an enjoyable and educational way for families to spend time together. The bonus at the end is a homemade snack or meal for everyone to enjoy.

How you get children involved will depend on their age and ability. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Move together

We hope you find some ideas here to help your family have fun and connect during this time. You might like to try a different activity each day and then make a list of favorites that everyone in the family wants to try again.

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