Hearts for Hearts Blog Post – Congrats to our winners

See how Hearts for Hearts educates and inspires your colleagues

Hearts for Hearts is your hub – a place to connect with information, inspiration, and practical tools to support you in your professional and personal life.

Earlier, we asked you to tell us how something you read on Hearts for Hearts has educated or inspired you.

With the opportunity to win great prizes, hundreds of you wrote in to share your thoughts. Of the many amazing submissions, only a handful could be selected as winning entries.


Thank you and congratulations

Thank you and well done to everyone who took the time to share their insights and experiences.

We are pleased to share with you the winning entries – congratulations to you all!



Major winner – Arlene Jane Ruiz Corpuz, E. Rodriguez (Philippines)

“The section of Hearts for Hearts I like best is For You. As a healthcare provider nowadays, as we face the COVID-19 crisis pandemic, many of us are losing the battle, and it’s stressing us out. However, as I watched the clips, I knew that this is all we need – a little inspiration to guide our lives and our thoughts.

How could I apply this in my day-to-day working life? Simply apart from improving our brain activity and reducing stress, it (yoga and meditation) also brings togetherness physically and mentally. Furthermore, it is an alternative form of exercise to keep our mind and body healthy and happy. As Plato said, the part can never be well unless the whole is well.”


Runner up – Jane Perez, North Edsa (Philippines)

“I was inspired by the blog article entitled Why soft skills are essential for nurses. It mentioned there about the need to have confidence, empathy, and communication. I surely have encountered situations where I have used those skills.

The COVID-19 pandemic is stressful for everyone, and one of the nurses at our clinic was on the verge of a breakdown. I thought of the need to provide confidence, and assured my colleague that as long as we followed the safety protocols, we would be just fine. I told them that the early civilizations had survived such outbreaks before, and with modern science at our disposal, we could find a vaccine faster than in the past. I think I was able to put into effect confidence and positivity and calm my colleague down.

In another instance, a patient’s caretaker started causing a scene after their car was scratched by a tent that was blown down by the wind. This had nothing to do with nursing, and the caretaker was someone known to cause trouble in the past. But because of empathy, I knew how stress could get the worse of an individual during a time of crisis. I was able to keep myself from losing my temper, while my managers were able to help the caretaker to calm down.”


Runner up – Nur Hidayah Binte Rahim, Renal Health Pte Ltd (Singapore)

“I love watching all the Stories of Strength as they reminded me of the reason I choose to do nursing. Listening to people’s experiences and life journeys is all part of being a nurse. These stories make me feel empowered and motivated to care for my patients like my own family. Nursing is tough, but it is a rewarding profession that anyone with a heart can do. I am proud to be a nurse.”


Runner up – Kristel Joy R. Lasam, North Edsa (Philippines)

“To be a nurse requires strength and courage to withstand all of the challenges one may encounter, be it in personal life or in the working environment . One that has struck me is the story of Flory Burns, who has learned to show compassion and be resilient to whatever life throws at her. This year, no one expected for COVID-19 to be such a pandemic. It is like we are all in a battlefield, with our eyes blindfolded, clueless of what to do and how we are going to fight this virus. I am also struggling with health issues of my own, being away from my family, and losing a father recently. What I learned from Flory is that life must go on despite the struggles I am facing. I must continue to pursue my commitment in giving quality care for our patients despite the many challenges I am dealing with.

Moreover, practicing the Top 5 Soft Skills that also read here will help me to be efficient with my daily interaction with my patients as well as my colleagues. I will communicate more effectively to avoid misunderstandings, practice empathy to better carry out the right and quality care for my patients, present a confident aura to build trust and rapport, be adaptable to changes in the clinic and everything around me so that I can cope well with any situation, and solve potential problems that may arise creatively by having a clear and unbiased mindset.

To achieve all of these, I should also take care of my whole self – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Deep breathing will help me calm my system. Practicing meditation and yoga will contribute to achieving a holistic balance of my whole being, and help me better manage the stressful demands of my job.”


Runner up – Paolo Miguel Mendoza, Capas (Philippines)

“During these times, where almost everyone is at risk of having an infection, people are afraid and worried – especially those who have renal disease.

These Stories of Strength give us strength. Us nurses, technicians, and admin staff on the frontline know that whatever happens, Fresenius Kidney Care is there to support us. Giving day-to-day care to our patients will be a challenge. But understanding the stories from Hearts for Hearts gives me light and hope.

By starting with myself and looking at the positive things that I have, I can inspire other people with a simple gesture or appreciation. It is up to us by supporting each other and being there for one another. We can get through whatever will come our way.”


Runner up – Maggie Mae H. Valencia, J. Llorente (Philippines)

“I stumbled upon Mingxia Xu’s story and it gave me hope in these difficult times. Every time I feel weak and exhausted, I always push myself to be stronger and hopeful because it is my responsibility as a frontliner fighting COVID-19 to help our patients during this trying time.”

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