5 tips to make handwashing fun for children

Handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. Children tend to touch a lot of objects and pretty much anything within their reach. Therefore, teaching them how to wash their hands correctly, and when to do so at an early age is very important.

Here are five tips that you can use to make hand washing fun.

1. Sing songs

Encourage your children to sing when they wash their hands. The song needs to be at least 20 seconds long. You can sing the Happy Birthday song twice or any other songs that lasts that long.

2. Use fun-looking soaps

Make it fun using cute soaps and making bubbles. They can come in different colors, shapes, and smells. Anything that you can do to make this an enjoyable habit for your children is going to go a long way.

3. Play a game

You can play “whose hands smell the cleanest?”, or you can teach them about germs in a visual way by sprinkling some glitter on their hands and showing them how much easier it is to wash the “germs” off with soap and water not just water.

4. Get creative

Sit down with your child to design and draw your own homemade poster showing the correct handwashing steps. Or you can print the available handwashing poster and colouring sheets.

Display the poster near the sink to remind your little ones that they need to wash their hands to help reduce the spread of germs.

5. Use a handwashing chart

Reward charts can be a powerful way to help encourage a positive behavior and to motivate your children by helping them see their accomplishments in a visual way. You can use our handwashing reward chart and decide which stickers or tokens to use – star stickers work well for younger children, whereas older children might like points or other markers.

Gradually stop using the reward chart as soon as your child gets into the habit of washing their hands when they should. It’s a good idea to keep noticing and praising your child for the behavior as you phase out the chart.

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